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SoyTech is a soybean marketing system intended for soybean producers for the purpose of making timely decisions in their cash sales, hedging positions, and option strategies of the soybean market.  Speculators are also welcome.  We ask that Brokers might contact us personally.  It is an information service in that we supply the information generated by the SoyTech System.  It uses the "technicals" as opposed to the "fundamentals" of the market in analyzing the best times to profit when selling or buying soybeans.

Also, this web site exists to encourage farmers to make a “sales plan” to keep track of current inventories and planned selling points and quantities throughout the year.

The information obtained from the SoyTech system has been a help to farmers in making timely decisions in the cash sales of their stored inventories as well as future sales of the growing crop.  It is a source of technical information to insure “pulling the trigger” on sales when the time is right.

The average speculator can benefit as well but should remember that while a lot of money can be made, even more can be lost when speculating on the C.B.O.T. 

Where is the soybean market headed?

That’s a question that could be asked at anytime by a farmer, hedger, or speculator. It doesn’t matter whether the prices are at all-time highs, all-time lows, or anywhere in between - - everyone wants to know what the market will do next! But does anyone really know? Well, let’s answer it this way. No one can out-guess the market. And probably more than 95% of those who try will loose.

So, is there anything a farmer can do?

Yes. While no one can know just how high the market will go nor just how low, there are certain things a farmer can do to get a better average price for his crop. And there are certain times that are better than others to do it. From time to time, the market will give certain indications that something is about to happen. These are called technical indicators. It’s recognizing these indicators that is the challenge. With the SoyTech System, we’ve been meeting that challenge over the last decade. We’re convinced it’s time to share this marketing system as an on-line service to other soybean producers and users.

How can this system be used?

As an assistance to those who want to. . .

1. Sell cash soybeans at the higher points of the market.

2. Buy feed at the lower points of the market.

3. Have their own source of technical information for option strategies.

4. Use the technicals for long or short future positions on the CBOT.

Also for seed dealers who must lock in a price for their soybean "sale orders" with their seed company.

First things first . . .

You probably have several questions about how the SoyTech system works. Go to the "Questions & Answers" page. There you should find most of the information you need. If there’s other questions you have, just let us know and we’ll try to answer them. 

Farmers should start developing a “Soybean Sales Plan” for the most current crop year. After you’ve worked through that process you should have a base-line of where you are with your current & projected inventories.  Our forms should help provide you with a plan of action to follow throughout the year. This will be beneficial to any producer whether or not he or she uses the SoyTech signals. We wish you the very best throughout the marketing year.  Our hope is that you always raise a good crop and make profitable sales.


Why Technicals?
When a sale or a purchase needs to be made, our objective is to pick the nearest and best possible time slot to take action. If you're ready to make a sale, we watch for a "sell" signal in the next high cycle. Likewise, if a buy needs to be made, we watch for a "buy" signal in the next low cycle that comes about. Click here to see a few examples of how the SoyTech system can work for you. . .

What About Fundamentals?
Fundamentals will always rule in the short run. Crop size, weather, exports and politics, to name a few, will take the market in one direction or the other until the next event comes into play.

We recognize the importance of keeping notice of all fundamental events. They give us some insight for the short run of the market and how the technicals might react. Click here to view a list of some of our favorite fundamental resources. . .


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