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Soybean Sales Plan

So we've been told. . .  We need to have a sales plan for our crop.  Year after year we hear the same thing.  We know they're right, but how many of us actually sit down and get one made?  Well, it's getting more and more critical that we have one.  No one will argue with that.  If we could just get a close estimate of our cost per bushel of soybeans held in storage and those growing in the field, all we need to do then is to develop a plan to know when to pull the trigger on our sales and hedging when the prices reach our objectives.

The three forms listed below is a good place to get started.  One is a form to use as a guideline in determining the cost of production of your soybeans.  The other two are forms that you can print out and use to keep track of cash sales, hedging positions, and remaining inventories. Each can be modified to your own situation.  We are always open to improving our forms.  Any suggestions or ideas would be most welcome.


Cost of Production Form


Cash Sales Form


Cash/Option Strategies Form




**NOTE**  The SOY FORMS  and sales plans within the SoyTech website are intended to be examples only.  Every farmer or soy producer is going to have a little different plan from all other producers for his or her soy bean cash sales or option strategies within the markets.  Therefore these forms can and should be modified accordingly.  As with the stock market, trading beans on the cbot whether individually or with the assistance of commodity brokers / traders can be risky and should only be done with risk capitol.  TRADING the commodities by speculators of soybeans or soya production is risky speculation and those doing it should be advised to have a professional broker who knows how to enter and exit hedge / option positions safely and effectively and understands the strategies of  long or short future positions in the soybean or soya market.  They also keep a current view of the fundamentals (the short run) of the market and can be beneficial to add with our information of the technicals.  If you plan to sell or buy on the CBOT and are in need of a broker please mark it on the subscription page to have a broker contact you to review your individual situation, advise you, and to monitor your transactions.  We feel it would be wise to consider using a professional when going on the Chicago Board of Trade.



The Plan. . .
Every soybean producer is going to have a little different plan from all other producers for his or her cash sales or option strategies within the markets.  Therefore, modify these forms to fit your individual need.


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